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August 05, 2009



You made me cry. I am so happy for you. I can't wait till you get her home. Love to you all.....


CONGRATS!!!! She is beautiful and the HOH has done an AWESOME job!!!!! Can't wait til you get to travel!!!!!


crying, she is beautiful.......Congrats


*sigh* this is wonderful. Just wonderful.

elisa hyman

Just beautiful! Great video! Can't wait to hear all about your trip!


So Happy for you and your family! What an amazing roller coaster ride this has been but now SOON she will be in your arms forever ;o) YAY

Kris & Staci Hansel

Wow, great vid guys. Congratulations!!!

Erin Sweeney

I'm crying. I'm so happy for you guys. She's beautiful. This is amazing!


Beautiful girl. I love the name Esme. Mezmur was going to be Esme, but we couldn't stop calling her Mezmur.
So happy for you and your family. Congratulations.


She is beautiful and strong and wonderful and so many other things that words can't describe. Congratulations!

stefany head

yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! praise God!!!!!


I am so happy for you guys! I am glad this is finally done and you all will get to meet your little ones very soon.

Amy H

So happy for the you and so excited to see more of the journey. I was crying as I remember us talking about this way back when. HUGS to you and the family and travel safe


finally!!!!! so happy for you babe! can't wait to see pics of you crying and holding her for the first time :)


YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, Renee, she is simply BEAUTIFUL!! I am so thrilled for you and your family!! What a wonderful day!!!

Lisa Russo

Renee, I am BEYOND thrilled for you!!! CONGRATULATIONS - she's absolutely beautiful!

Heather Lewis

Hi Renee- I'm Heather Lewis- Neal's wife. I've been following your journey since he shared your blog with me. Your video was wonderful and your daughter is absolutely beautiful. I just wanted to say congratulations and safe travels. we are so happy for you!


Congratulations, she is just beautiful!!!


Congratulations! Watched your video with my husband! We are so thrilled for you!!!




Such fabulous news...congratulations. What a lucky girl and a lucky family.


I am so happy for you, I cried! I can't wait for you to get
home so that I can hold her! :o) HAPPY HAPPY DAY!


oh Renee! That is such wonderful news!! I am so very happy for you all and I cant wait for you to get her home where she belongs :)

Jackie Smith

I certainly never ever thought you guys would have a problem!

Congratulations, we are so happy for you guys and will pray for your trip as you unite with your new baby girl!

lisa harrigan

CONGRATULATIONS!!! get on that plane!!!
Lisa :)

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