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September 29, 2008



ohman! I LOVED Ding Dongs...and Hostess Cupcakes...yum!


I can't believe they are just now trying these things Miss Sweet-tooth. My favorite was Twinkies. I thought Ding Dongs and Hostess cupcakes were the same. Maybe next time I'm in the grocery store I need to check them out.


Ding Dongs, when we were kids, were wrapped in foil. They tasted better that way.

And, for a while there they called them King Dons. Do you remember that? Late 90s.


now you're making me crave a ding dong! i remember when they were wrapped in foil too!


My favorite were the Hostess cupcakes. I thought the chocolate frosting and the white swirls were just the best. That was what I ate, and left the cake for anyone else that wanted it. Love that your ding dongs are SO cute and are loving their ding dongs.
Can hardly wait til the post says...they have moved you into the #1 spot and you are on your way to Ethiopia!

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