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September 10, 2008



i am so sorry that you had a bad week. this journey is so full of the ups and downs. i hope things have gotten better as the week goes on.

happy 5 months!! seems like referrals should start coming again quicker starting next month...not too much longer!!

what a precious dress...love it!!


And a super cute dress at that!


I completely understand those break down and cry days. I won't tell you how many I had, but it was plenty.

I pray there are more referrals soon.


ren, you know, i don't think i've had a good cry yet. month 14 for us and i haven't had a good bawl session?! i guess i'm doing better than i thought.
my problem is sleeping. i am a zombie insomniac all the time lately.

hugs. 5 months went by fast. i have a feeling you will have your referral soon!!! thinking of you and hoping we can all vacation together at St George Island again soon... with 2 extra babies along with us this time, right?!


that is a super sweet dress! hang in there!


Thinking about you. Haven't popped in in a while but wanted to let you know, I'm thinking about you. Hope you get your referral soon. Love all the dresses you've been buying. Hope she is a girlie girl and not a tom-boy!


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