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April 14, 2007



So many things to be excited about....I DO understand about the reading. Honestly, I have been known to have tears stream down my face listening to the "magic" of literacy! A new door opened and they no longer stand at the door, but are through it....and the opportunities and adventures begin. I apologize for the sentimentality of this, but the process is so amazing. Can't wait to see photos from vacation, and I think "vintage, clean and simple"......perfectly describes you!
miss you!!!!


My mom made us set the table for dinner and clear it afterwards. Don't know if I was 5 or not, but if it's plasticware, couldn't hurt, right?


My kids (7 1/2 & 5) help emtpy the dishwasher (non-breakable items, like plastic dishes) and utensils. They also put away their clean clothes. They help set the table, but I also make sure they take their own dishes to the sink, and help put away any condiments we've used.

SO exciting when they learn to read! My daughter (7 1/2) is into chapter books now. I have to remind her that it's not always about reading fast, but enjoying/remembering what you read. And, pretty soon, my son (who just turned 5) will be reading. He's starting to sound out words. (He was never one for making up a story to go with the picture. If he doesn't know the words by heart, he won't "read" the book at all.)

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