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August 31, 2005



I have a basic model that I bought at Sears, I think it was... $129? That was almost four years ago. I think it's a Singer. Or a Kenmore. Hmm, I'm heaps of help, eh? I'll check it tonight after bedtime : )

Love the new banner!!


Do you mean you actually want to sew something other then pages? ;o)
Oh love your new banner.


My sewing machine is a Brother XL-2230. Totally easy to use and does button holes and all that. It was pretty cheap too - Wal-Mart.


I have one from Sears... it's the Kenmore Mini Ultra. It is 3/4 Size and has Stitches Plus Buttonhole. Plus the price is great (under $100)!


I love my Sears one too...I think it was $179 and does all kinds of stitches and button holes...all the cool stuff :)


Hey! I think Target might have one...?? Sorry - mine is my great Aunt's from eons ago! :-)

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