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August 31, 2005



Hey there!! Congrats on the soon-to-be new car!! Can't wait to see sneak peeks of the new MOD!! And whohoooo to Aislin for swimming underwater! What a brave girl! Enjoy your weekend!


Oh girl now this is a blog post. Have missed you!!!! ARGGHHHH so wanna put us all on a plane and come and visit like now!Gotta take me some more lottery tickets to make it happen. Just wish we weren't so far away. :O( My Jack loves the water too. He's a right little dolphin at times.
Oh yummy new MOD!! Now remember girl the days are counting down until Memory Trends. Not like the pressures on or anything. ;o)Keep creating!


Your blog has been a bright spot for me today...so fun! Excited for you to have your new car...there will be tons of wonderful memories in that one too.....for me...our favorite was that VW camper bus....so many wonderful times..and every time I see one I get so nostalgic!!
Can't wait to see a sneak of MOD..and of course I think that you are just the "funnest" person around...so I can't wait to see the new stuff!!
Hugs to the school kiddos...and enjoy your days!!! You will be in your new house before you realize it!
Hugs to all of you!

Fabulous banner!!!!!


Love the wheels, dude! You can never go wrong with black, wagons included! Uber-congrats on the assignment, as well. I can not wait to see the new MOD...I am a hopeless addict, I fear!

I wandered down to the new LSS the other day...pretty sweet compared to the others! We'll have to make a field trip on your next visit!

Three cheers for date night. We're planning on right now, too. Can't wait!


congrats on the assignment! so cool :) The bag is awesome, love the colors :)


Yay on the new car!! We have a wagon...and love it :)


Renee-- so is a trip to Norfolk still in the near future? :) fun update. congrats on the car purchase. Kathleen


Girl, let's remember who your friends are when you go to share those MODish peeks, 'k?

Not a very good friend though - sorry to be out of touch. HOpe all is well!

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