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August 20, 2005



Oh my look how big they are getting!!! Too cute


Peaches are big with Alexa too. This year she graduated to eating them with the skin on. No more peeling for me! I'm with you on the fuzz part. Just touching it drives me nuts.


You've got some super cute kids, R. But then, I think I've told you that before : )


awww a Georgian for sure :)...thanks for the clarification re: Qdoba and Chipotle. Do they have Chipotles in ATL? And yes, I'm so happy you've been watching the Braves lately, yahooo! Ya know they're calling them the "Baby Braves" b/c there are so many rookies on the team. I'll let you know if I'll be in town for a game before the season's out :)


Awww, that layout will do itself! Georgia Peach? How perfect! :-) And yes, you do have a couple of cuties there!

Linda A (elendae)

They are both adorable, Renee - our kiddos just need to stop growing up so doggone fast!!!


Your little ones are the cutest Georgia peaches I know....and the sweetest ones too..........enjoy each and every second....thinking of you and your blog is just a wonderful treat for me....thanks for adding smiles to my day!! Hugs!!! :)

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