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January 19, 2014


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I moved back in with my parents for the last three years and at 28 I still loved when my mom would tuck me in when I was sick!


You'er such a good mama to tuck your kiddos in <3 I bet they are going to remember those moments as an adult!

Suzanne B.

Renee, this is the sweetest list. It got me all verklempt. :) I still tuck Claire in every night, too, and I love it. :) Your blog banner is adorable, btw.

Mary Jo

Don't tell anyone, but Evan is 11 and still likes me to have me there at bedtime most nights. I am totally cherishing it because I know it really will end one day.
Such a great list! :)


My daughters are 13 (next month) and 14. They still want at least a hug and a kiss on the head every night before bed. They will get out of bed and come downstairs to get me if I do not go up and kiss them both good night. My 9 year old son still occasionally wants me to snuggle up with him before he falls asleep. I will hold on to that for as long as he wants me nearby. :)

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